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Xin trân trọng giới thiệu tới bạn đọc Tạp chí Dược liệu số 3 năm 2017 (Bản tiếng anh) tại Trung tâm Thông tin Thư viện - Trường Đại học Buôn Ma Thuột.
1. Enniatin Derivatives from Fusarium sp. and their Biological Activities / Hoang Duc Manh, Nguyen Minh Khoi, Tran Minh Ngoc, Do Thi Ha, Bo Yeon Kim, Jong seog Ahn, Tran Manh Hung  // Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 . - tr. 131-136


Enniatin Derivatives from Fusarium sp. and their Biological Activities

The genus Fusarium sp. has been reported to contain several phytochemical constituents with applicable pharmaceutical properties. In our experiment, bioassay-guided fractionation resulted in the isolation of eight compounds from the ethyl acetate-soluble extract of Fusarium spFN332 fungi broth. Their chemical structures were elucidated as enniatin B (1), enniatin H (2), enniatin A (3), enniatin F (4), enniatin I (5), MK 1688 (6), enniatin D (7), and enniatin G (8) on the basis of spectroscopic data. All the isolated compounds (1−8) inhibited PTP1B with IC50 values ranging from 12.7 ± 0.5 to 35.5 ± 1.2 μM. Enniatin A (3) reduced the Vmax value, but did not alter the Km value of PTP1B in kinetic action. Enniatin A (3) also stimulated the phosphorylation of AMPKα catalytic subunit in a dose-dependent manner. The results suggest that the enniatins from Fusarium sp. might be a considerable source of PTP1B inhibitor and AMPK phosphorylation activator.
Keywords: Fusarium sp, Enniatin, AMPKα catalytic, PTP1B inhibitor.
2. Chemical Constituents from Ethyl Acetate Extract of Polygonum perfoliatum L. Collected in Vietnam / Tran Thanh Ha, Nguyen Van Dau, Do Thi Ha // Tạp chí dược liệu. - Số 3/2017 .- tr.137-141.


Chemical Constituents from Ethyl Acetate Extract of Polygonum perfoliatum L. Collected in Vietnam

Phytochemical study of an ethyl acetate extract of Polygonum perfoliatum L. rhizome resulted in the isolation of eight compounds (1 – 8). They were identified as physcion (1), trans-4-hydroxymellein (2), ellagic acid 3,3′,4-trimethoxy 4′-O-a-L-rhamnopyranoside (3)myricetin (4), myricetin-3-rhamnose (5),  epicatechin (6),  quercetin 3-O-β-D- glucopyranoside (7)  N-[(4R)-2,5-dioxo-4- imidazolidinyl]-carbamic acid (8) on the basis of spectral data. Among them, compounds 2345 were isolated from this plant for the first time, and compound 8 was obtained from this genus for the first time.

Keywords: Polygonum perfoliatum, Polygonum genus, N-[(4R)-2,5-dioxo-4- imidazolidinyl]-carbamic acid.
3. S
esquiterpenes from Phaeanthus vietnamensis BanNguyen Trung Tuong, Pham Thanh Ky, Tran Minh Ngoc,Do Thi Ha, Phan Van Kiem, Nguyen Xuan Nhiem // Tạp chí dược liệu .-  Số 3/2017 .- tr. tr. 141 - 146 


Sesquiterpenes from Phaeanthus vietnamensis Ban

Using various chromatography methods, six sesquiterpenes were isolated from the leave of Phaeanthus vietnamensis Ban. Their structrures were elucidated as spathulenol (1), 1αH,5βH-aromandendrane-4β,10α-diol (2), 1αH,5βH-aromandendrane-4α,10α-diol (3), 1βH,5βH-aromandendrane-4α,10β-diol (4), 3α,4β-dihydroxybisabola-1,10-diene (5), and nerolidol (6) by 1D- and 2D-NMR. All these compounds were isolated from the genus Phaeanthus for the first time.

Keywords: Phaeanthus vietnamensis, AnnonaceaeSesquiterpene, Thuốc Thượng.
4. Lignan and Flavonoids from Aerial Parts of Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb / Nguyen Van Linh, Duong Thi Hai Yen, Hoang Le Tuan Anh, Vu Manh Hung,Nguyen Thi Mai, Pham Thanh Ky // Tạp chí dược liệu. - Số 3/2017 .- tr.146 - 151


Lignan and Flavonoids from Aerial Parts of Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb.

By chromatographic separation, a lignan glycoside, (+) isolariciresinol-3a-O-b-D-glucopyranoside (1), and three known flavonoids, naringenin 7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (2), leucoside (3) and kaempferol (4) were isolated from the methanol extract of the aerial parts of Agrimonia pilosa. Their structures were determined by 1D-, 2D-NMR spectroscopic analyses and in comparison with the reported data. Compound 2 exhibited weak anti-inflammatory effect toward inhibition of NO production with IC50 value of 91.07 µg/ml. To our best knowledge, compounds 3 were isolated from genus Agrimonia for the first time.

Keywords: Agrimonia pilosa, Isolariciresinol-3a-b-D-glucopyranoside, Naringenin 7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside, Leucoside, Nitric Oxide (NO).
5. Essential Oil Composition of Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. and Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc / Le Ngoc Van, Nguyen Thanh Tung, Le Thu Trang, Nguyen Thi Tam, Nguyen Viet Than // 
Tạp chí dược liệu .-  Số 3/2017 .- tr. 151 - 154.


Essential Oil Composition of Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. and Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc.

Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. and Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc. were analyzed for essential oil composition. In Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr., the essential oil content was found to be 0.12% while the essential oil content of Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc. was 0.10%. The essential oils from two species were qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed by GC-MS. The thin layer chromatographic (TLC) profile of essential oils from two species were developed. The results showed that there are some compounds which are main components in essential oil of both Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. and Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc. The TLC profiles of two essential oils were compared and the results were stored in database as standard profiles to differentiate essential oils of Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. and Wedelia trilobata(L.) Hitchc.

Keywords: Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr., Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitchc., Essential oil.
6. The Effects of Cultivated Vietnamese Ginseng Extract on Trimethyltin-Induced Neuronal Loss in the Mouse Dentate Gyrus / Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Pham Thi Nguyet Hang, Taro Yamaguchi, Masanori Yoneyama, Kyokazu Ogita // Tạp chí dược liệu $gSố 3/2017 .- tr. 155-162 


The Effects of Cultivated Vietnamese Ginseng Extract on Trimethyltin-Induced Neuronal Loss

in the Mouse Dentate Gyrus

The study evaluated the effect of cultivated Vietnamese ginseng extract (VGE) on neuronal repair following hippocampal neuronal damage by using a mouse model of trimethyltin (TMT)-induced neuronal loss/self-repair in the hippocampal dentate gyrus. The immunohistochemical examination and behavioral test (passive avoidance test) were applied.  The results revealed that 15-day oral treatment with VGE (200 mg/kg) induced a significant increase in the number of BrdU-positive cells in the dentate three subregions, the GCL/SGZ, molecular layer, and hilus in TMT-treated mice, indicating that VGE is effective in promoting the recovery of granule neurons in TMT-induced neuronal loss. Interestingly, either 15-day or 30-day oral treatment with VGE induced an increase in the number of BrdU-positive cells in the dentate GCL/SGZ in naïve mice, suggesting that VGE is capable of enhancing neurogenesis in the brain. The results also showed that VGE treatment ameliorated the TMT-induced neurodegenerative symptoms observed in passive avoidance test, suggesting that VGE is capable of enhancing functional neuronal repair after neuronal loss in the dentate gyrus.

Keywords: Panax vietnamensis Ha et Grushv., Cultivated Vietnamese ginseng, Trimethyltin, Hippocampal dentate gyrus, Passive avoidance test.
7. In vitro Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Acanthopanax gracilistylus W.W. Smith Extract / OLAPOJU Samuel O., Pham Thi Nguyet Hang // Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 .- tr.162-166 


In vitro Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Acanthopanax gracilistylus W.WSmith Extract

This research was designed to evaluate the in vitro acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitory ability and antioxidant effect of Acanthopanax gracilistilylus W.W. Smith (AG) ethanol extract. The effect of AG extract on AChE was evaluated by Ellman method and antioxidant effect of AG was investigated by using DPPH and superoxide scavenging in vitro assay. The results from the AChE inhibition showed that AG extract has the ability to inhibit AChE up to 79.80% at concentration 3.0 mg/ml with an IC50 value of 1.50 mg/ml.  Thein vitro DPPH free radical scavenging activity of AG extract was found to be up to 88.67% at concentration 250 µg/ml with an IC50 value of 88.90 µg/ml. AG extract also showed a weak superoxide scavenging effect and at 3.00 mg/ml, 57.59% of superoxide was inhibited with IC50 found to be 2.70 mg/ml.

Keywords: Acanthopanax gracilistilylus ethanol extract, Acetylcholinesterase inhibition, Radical scavenging, DPPH, Superoxide.
8. Protective Effect of Processed Vietnamese Ginseng Against Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice / Danh My Thanh Ngan, Nguyen Minh Duc, Nguyen Ngoc Khoi // Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 .- tr. 155-162.


Protective Effect of Processed Vietnamese Ginseng Against Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice

Paracetamol (APAP) is widely used as an analgesic and antipyretic drug, which can cause hepatic injury when given in high doses. The objective of the present study was to study and compare the possible effect of Vietnamese Ginseng (VG) and Processed Vietnamese Ginseng (PVG) against APAP-induced hepatotoxicity in mice. In this study, powdered Vietnamese ginseng (VG) was steamed in 12 h at 120°C. 50 mice were divided into 5 equal groups (n = 10): The physiological group, the VG-administerted group (50 mg/kg), the PVG-administerted group (50 mg/kg), the silymarin-administerted group (100 mg/kg). The VG, PVG and silymarin were supplemented as protection for 14 consecutive days prior to single oral dose of APAP (200 mg/kg). After APAP administration 18 h, the mice were sacrificed. Liver injuries were assessed by blood biochemistry, measured MDA, GSH contents in liver and performed classical histological examination of liver. The results showed that the acute elevation of serum ALT, AST due to APAP-induced hepatotoxicity were significantly restored in the groups receiving VG and PVG. Necrosis of liver significantly decreased according to histopathologic observation. PVG was significantly more effective against APAP-induced hepatotoxicity when compared with VG. It is concluded that both VG and PVG have protective effect on hepatotoxicity induced by APAP and that PVG has better effect than VG

Keywords: Vietnamese ginseng, Processed, Paracetamol, APAP.
9. Cytotoxic Effect of Alkaloids from Euphorbia thymifolia Burm. Grown in Vietnam / Nguyen Tien Vung, Vu Duc Loi , Bui Thanh Tung, Pham Giang Nam // Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 .-  Tr.172-178


Cytotoxic Effect of Alkaloids from Euphorbia thymifolia Burm. Grown in Vietnam

From 96% ethanol extract of Euphorbia thymifolia Burm. collected in Nam Dinh province, four compounds (1-4) were isolated by various chromatographic methods. These compounds were identified as haemanthamine (1), lycorine (2), 3-epimacronine (3) and 6-O-methylpretazettine (4) by spectroscopic methods including IR, MS, and NMR. These compounds were isolated from Euphorbia thymifolia Burm. for the first time. Compounds 1 and 2 showed potential cytotoxic activity against epithelial cancer cells (KB) with IC50 values of 4.22 and 3.97 μM, respectively, and liver cancer cell lines (Hep G2) with IC50 values of 3.65 and 3.41 μM, respectively.

Keywords: Euphorbia thymifolia Burm., Euphorbiaceae, Cytotoxicity, Haemanthamine, Lycorine.
10. Study on the Sedative Effects of “Duong Tam An Than” Capsules / Pham Thi Nguyet Hang, Phi Thi Xuyen // Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 .-  Tr.178 - 182


Study on the Sedative Effects of “Duong Tam AThan” Capsule

The objective of this study was to investigate the acute oral toxicity and the sedative effects of the “Duong Tam An Than” (DTAT) capsule through thiopental-induced sleeping time and spontaneous locomotor activity test in mice. The oral dose of DTAT selected in the trial was equivalent to 3 capsules and 6 capsules/kg of body weight. The results of acute oral toxicity test showed that LD50 was not able to be determined by oral administration, because a maximum oral  dose equivalent to 77.2 capsules/kg of body weight was used, no mouse was dead. Pharmacological studies showed that DTAT in dose of 6 capsules/kg orally administered for 7 consecutive days exhibited the sedative effect by prolonging the sleeping time in thiopenthal-induced sleeping test and by decreasing spontaneous locomotor activity.

Keywords: “Duong Tam An Than” capsules, Sedative effect, Thiopental-induced sleeping test, Spontaneous locomotor activity.
11. Hepatoprotective Activity of Cultivated Vietnamese Ginseng on Oxidative Stress-Induced Liver Injury in Mice // Duong Hong To Quyen, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Nguyen Thuy Viet Phuong, Nguyen Minh Duc / Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 .-  Tr.183 - 189


Hepatoprotective Activity of Cultivated Vietnamese Ginseng

on Oxidative Stress-Induced Liver Injury in Mice

In this study, the effects of the underground part of cultivated Vietnamese ginseng extract (VGE) on hepatotoxicity were investigated. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), cyclophosphamide (Cy) or ethanol was applied to cause liver injury in Swiss albino mice. Plasma aspartate transaminase (AST), plasma alanine transaminase (ALT), hepatic malondialdehyde (MDA), and hepatic glutathione (GSH) levels were determined. VGE and Panax ginseng extract (PGE) were treated at the doses of 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg in mice. Silymarin (100 mg/kg) was used as a reference drug. The results showed that the plasma AST and ALT levels increased significantly in CCl4 and ethanol-treated control groups. An increase in hepatic MDA level and a decrease in hepatic GSH level were revealed in CCl4-, Cy-, and ethanol-treated control groups, indicating oxidative damage in liver. Oral treatment with VGE as well as PGE prevented an increase in plasma AST, ALT, and hepatic MDA levels. In parallel, VGE and PGE significantly elevated hepatic GSH levels. The results showed that cultivated Vietnamese ginseng extract might be developed as a hepatoprotective natural product with an oxidative stress-related mechanism.

KeywordsCultivated Vietnamese ginseng, Hepatoprotective effect, Carbon tetrachloride, Cyclophosphamide, Ethanol.
12. Hoya dickasoniana P.T.Li - A New Record of Medicinal Plant Species for Vietnam // Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Nguyen Van Canh / Tạp chí dược liệu .- Số 3/2017 .-  Tr.189 - 192


Hoya dickasoniana P.T.Li - A New Record of Medicinal Plant Species for Vietnam

Though survey of medicinal plant resources in Da Nhim commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province,Hoya dickasoniana P.T.Li was recorded as a new species in flora of Vietnam. Hoya dickasoniana P.T.Li was characterized by at least some leaves in whorls of 3 or 4, base broadly cuneate or rounded, apex obtuse; calyx with basal glands inside. Hoya dickasoniana P.T.Li was also used in folk medicine as the others in genus Hoya.

Keywords: Hoya dickasoniana, Newly recorded Species, Flora of Vietnam.

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